Truth Behind The Hair Loss Myths!

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Hair loss can occur because of many reasons, while many of the things are said to be the reason behind it, some of them are totally false. Some say stress causes hair loss, some say combing can treat hair loss, some say that it occurs with age while some say that chemical laden products cause hair loss. But are all these true? DAo you agree with all of them? Let’s find out which of them are true!


1. Losing hair every day means you are becoming bald

This is so not true. Our body naturally loses around 100 hair a day and proportionately new hair grow back up. So if you have hair fall of less than 100 hair a day, you are not becoming bald!

2. Massaging or brushing the scalp can reduce hair fall

This again is false because massaging or brushing only boosts blood circulation which is not a major cause for hair growth. However, too much brushing can cause more damage than good.

3. Washing too often can cause hair loss

Washing only removes the hair that has already fallen out, so even if you wash your hair every day, it will not cause hair fall provided you do proper oiling when needed.

4. Long exposure to the sun can cause hair fall

Hair loss occurs at follicle level and hair act as a shield for the roots against the sun, so there is no hair fall due to sun exposure.


1. A few hairstyles can cause hair fall

A few hairstyles that tie hair very tightly can cause the hair from roots to become weak thus causing hair fall.

2. Stress is a cause of hair fall

When you are under stress, the body stops the production of hair temporarily. so when you have your natural hair fall and the hair do not grow back at their usual pace, it results into baldness or it shows!

3. Blow drying does not cause hair fall

Blow drying can only cause temporary damage, like, over drying hair but this hair grows back so it doesn’t result in hair loss.


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