5 Reasons Why You Should Get Married Right Away!

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We all know how marriages make you feel. Apart from dating couples, it sounds like a Pandora box for the left out unfortunate lot. The entailing costs, boundations, lifelong commitment, responsibilities make you shiver up to your spine.Yes, on the wedding jitters are not completely baseless but they are sometimes an exaggeration of our over-ponderous and over apprehensive minds. Relax your muscles, stretch your legs, put on your pajamas and read this article to know why it is good to be bitten by a marriage bug.

1. You Need that Sharing Buddy

Yeah, we all know your friend list on Facebook and followers on twitter but we also know that you are a sad soul when it comes to sharing. You don’t confide in your friends that easily, so you pretty much end up keeping your stuff to yourself. Put up your matrimonial ad to find that someone who is all ears to your shit.
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2. The Only Bachelor in Your Hangout Zone?

The bells are definitely alarming if every other day you hear your friend engulfing the wedding pie. Yes, it is scary because now you don’t have a buddy to accompany you to a movie or buy you favourite chicken popcorn.

3. That Sexy Feeling! Eyeballs Popping Out?

This is definitely not something to be ashamed of. You are a perfectly normal human being having the basic need of sex. If your imaginations run wild all day long, you desire of establishing physical intimacy with your special one. Now we are not suggesting, get married to have sex!

We are just scared of Shiv Sena and Bajrang Dal!
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4. That Sinking Feeling of On Abandoned Soul!

Do you have that prolonged yearning for lifelong companionship-somebody who will love you in your ugliest form, even when you are un-waxed, un-bathed, abusive, furious and scornful, somebody who will care for you even when he is forlorn or angry with you.Time has come to grow old with someone and experience the magic of love. Cheesiness is good!

5. Not as Bad as Your Thoughts Tell You!

Yes we know marriage is one hell of a decision that scares the shit out of you. All the negativity envelops you once this ‘M’ word hits you. But trust the “couples in Venice”, everything gets managed. Responsibilities, issues, difficulties, personality clashes, adjustments are the other facet of life.

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So, have faith in God and just take the plunge. Remember, there is no right person make the relationship right!


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