Wavy Eyebrows Or Wavy Lipstick, What’s Gonna Be YOUR Pick?

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I know you guys just got over the eyebrow wigs but this just came out and I had to share it with you guys! So sorry if it is too much but here it is: Wavy eyebrows!

Just one look at the picture and you will have loads of questions like how do they do it? Do they get their brows or lips shaped like that or is it the effect? I hope it is the latter one, for their own sake! Let’s find out… And yes, I have another surprise for you at the end, so do read it till the end!

The first look that appeared on Instagram was by Jessica Brodersen, who posted an eyebrow look with a wiggly tail. However, the effect was more from pencil rather than actual eyebrow shape.

Wavy🌊 Did this look as a challenge – inspired by @robertrmakeup & @hannahdoesmakeupp 💙 Brows @anastasiabeverlyhills #dipbrow in dark brown Eyes @morphebrushes #35b palette Liner @nyxcosmetics white liquid liner + @stilacosmetics #stayallday liner Lashes @lillylashes "Delara" Glow @maccosmetics "Nylon" eyeshadow Glitter @pinkelixercosmetics "confetti" glitter (JESS10 for 10% off – link in bio💛) Inner corner @nyxcosmetics #prismaticeyeshadow in "mermaid" Brushes @sigmabeauty F75, F25, E05, 3DHD precision brush @morphebrushes M441, M506 #sigmabrushes #anastasiabrows #anastasiabeverlyhills #abhbrows #norvina #morphe #morphegirl #morphebabe #morphebrushes #morphecosmetics #nyxcosmetics #nyx #lillylashes #undiscovered_muas #undiscoveredmua #undiscoveredmuas #undiscoveredmuaa #itsmylookbook #bbdaretoshare #sigmabeauty #glammedout

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And since then the other makeup artists have started to ape the look. Some even took it rather too serious and went as far as getting their eyebrows shaped like squiggle! Dude, seriously? They totally look photoshopped!

The trend is not yet that popular because our favourite models have not tried it yet but I am here to give you heads up, don’t get a stroke if it starts to fill up your feeds! I feel you!

SQUIGGLE BROWS 🌊 Are we loving or hating this trend? 🔥 Done by the amazing @thealexisstone #jeffreestarcosmetics #squigglebrows

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It’s not all over yet! Well, I do not want you to have a mmini attack right here so stay strong and have a look at the picture below:

Hope you are doing good! I guess the makeup artists were just not done with the waves yet!

This was a photo recently posted by a cosmetologist Lexington, who said in her post that wavy lips are the new trend.

Earlier she said that it was the makeup that gave this look but later she updated that she was being sarcastic.

How can the other artists stay behind in this race! Since then, many artists have posted their own versions of wavy lips, all done with makeup, thank God! And no, this is not the surprise that I was talking about, so keep scrolling!

〰️ Wavy LIPS a thing now?! Loving this artistic makeup by @markiemeghan using HEIRLOOM.

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О святые единороги!!! Три новых оттенка помад Velvetines в деле от @limecrime.russia 😎 Psycho, Utopia и New Americana. Яркие, неоновые, очень крутые! Они меня и вдохновили на мою сумашедшую Мальвину на предыдушем фото⬆️⬆️⬆️ Я уже говорила в историях, что на мой взгляд это лучшие матовые помады на сегодняшний день. Очень приятная жидкая текстура, достаточно одного слоя для ровного плотного цвета. Застывает и становиться идеально матовой, бархатной, как лепесток розы. Не сушит и невесома на губах. Это однозначно любовь💜💜💜 #squigglybrows #squigglylips #wavylips #wavybrows #makeupforunicorns #limecrime #limecrimerussia #limecrimeотзыв #closeup #lips #lipart #lipsart

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And here comes the surprise…

What’s next for the makeup artists?? Of course, it is the ‘spiky lips’! Kill me now!

Creativity at its best! But practicality? Well, we are ‘waving’ our heads left and right!


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