5 Signs You’re Just In Lust And Not Love

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Sometimes it becomes hard for you to understand that what exactly are you doing in a relationship. Maybe you’re in lust but you think it’s real kinda thingy. Lust is a strong sexual desire and love on the other hand is unconditional and all about giving the most important part of yourself to the other significant. Here are some signs that will make you understand that what is really is to you?

1. Sex on your mind, always!

sex on your mind
Whenever you both are together, it’s usually about sex. And just in case if you’re just chilling together, all you could think of is, why are you not having sex right now?

2. Lots of fire and no stability

Surely you both share lost of spark, passion and wildness when it comes to making love. But there’s nothing more to your relation. No communication, no commitment, no love, no emotions. It’s just a lustful situation, basically!

3. You are more bothered about the looks than what there is inside

looks matter
You are with them just because you’re attracted to the way they look. It’s a shallow thing, so you don’t really care about how beautiful they are inside, as a person.

4. There was no friends phase

just sex
You usually start liking each other as friends, while still trying to know each other better. That’s how love blossoms. But lust has no friend phase, it’s real quick. If you know what I mean!

5. It’s like a fancy dream

fancy dream
You don’t act your age, no maturity, no facing the problems or serious issues, because you just to have fun in this relationship and don’t want to deal with real things. You know you both have no future, but are with them anyway for whatever reasons.


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