10 Struggles For Which Every Pair Of Sisters Would Say, “That Was US!”

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Having a younger or older sibling is always a struggle, whether it is a sister or a brother, but there are a few things that only a pair of sisters would be able to relate with.
Lets see what are those:

1. Mom playing the ‘who is older’ card


Always it is the older sister that gets in trouble because ‘who is older?’, ‘who should have behaved maturely?’ You get that?

2. Imaginary lines in room


When you and your sister share a room there is an imaginary line in between which none of you are supposed to cross! And if you cross it then only God can save you.

3. Who will turn off the lights!


Well this is one of the biggest issue of argument because no one wants to get up and actually turn off the light so you keep insisting for the other one to go! Yes, we are lazy like that!

4. Oh, you are her sister!


Everyone in school or college(if same) refers you as ‘her sister’. This is so annoying for the younger sister and we are like “hey dude! I too have a name!”

5. Parents always mix up names


Yes your mother calls you by your sister’s name and her by your name but anyways you know somehow whom she is actually calling! But if you are in the mood of some mischief then it is like “mom, you called her, not me!”

6. Younger sister looks older


Well this annoys an older sister the most when someone says that your younger sister looks older than you. Imagine if someone said ‘you look younger than your older sister’, thing is same but words are different and older sister is flattered!

7. Younger sister has to hangout with you all the time


This becomes annoying when the parents ask you to take your younger sister with you to your friends home or for whatever plan you make.

8. You get up and your spot is taken


Yes! How annoying this is when you get up from your comfy spot for just a teensi tiny bit of work and as soon as you get up, the spot is taken over by the daughter of Satan herself! Yes people you guessed right, it’s taken over by the younger sister!!

9. Cloth thief


Many times, your clothes just disappear from your closet magically and you find them in your sister’s closet but she doesn’t know how it reached there. Well, apparently it grew legs and took a stroll to her closet!

10. When parents are out, older sister is the queen!


Yes as soon as the parents are out of the house, she becomes the boss and her rules are to be followed. Why??!


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