6 Phrases That Are More Important Than ‘I Love You’ in a Relationship

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Love is not just about saying three words. It starts by saying I love you to your partner but with time you need to know that you need to appreciate a lot more things in your partner than just loving them. It is not just about falling for the good looks or the qualities they possess but accepting their faults and failures too. Standing by your partner in their tough times is the most important thing to do. Saying the words that will help them stay strong is the best thing to do. Yes, even better than saying you love them.

Say these phrases more often than I love you in your relationship and not just say them make sure you mean them too.

1. I Am Sorry

In this world of imperfections, we all make mistakes and it is best to accept your mistake as soon as you realise it. There is no place for ego in a relation, so taking time in acknowledging your fault will just add sourness to the relation. Do not hesitate in saying this.

2. I Forgive You

Forgiving your partner when they apologise is equally important. There is no use in keeping a grudge against the other person for a thing they are sorry about. They know they were wrong so just forgive them and forget. Keeping it in your heart and mind will only hamper your mental peace and will make your partner feel more miserable. Have a big heart and forgive.
forgive u

3. I Trust You

You love them but do you trust them in a relationship as trust is very important. Trust is the fundamental pillar of a relationship. But sometimes it is great to tell your partner that you trust them. The fact that you feel secure in the relation and trust them will definitely make them feel great.

4. I Respect You

Like trust, respect is another pillar which needs to be strong in a relation. Respect needs to be mutual and it is not just about respecting each other as a person, but one needs to respect the other person’s choices, decisions, views, and preferences. Even when you don’t agree with the opinion of the other person, you should respect that and not impose them with your opinions, and same should be done by them.

5. I Appreciate You

You love them that is why you two are together in a relation but it is also important to tell the other person that you value their presence in your life. You should let them know that you appreciate the little gestures they make for you, be it holding a door open or taking time from their busy schedules, you appreciate them.

6. I Support You

Supporting your partner at the time of need is important but being there for them at all times, even when they don’t ask for it is what should be there. Supporting your partner physically, mentally and emotionally is what support should be. You should be supporting their dreams, desires, hopes and aspirations.

Do tell us in comments what according to you is the most important thing to say?


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