8 Reasons Siblings Mostly Fight For!

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Siblings are the ones who’ll be by your side when no one else will be. They’ll be taking your side and hiding your secrets when needed. You share the best bond with them even after fighting for days and weeks. If you have a sibling then you exactly know what I’m talking about. Siblings fight for the silliest reasons anyone can fight over in this world.

Here are the very common reasons we all can relate to the fights with our siblings.

1. The Television Remote

Most of the times this is the reason behind the fight, if it’s about brother and sister fight. Brothers usually watch WWE or some boys kinda channels and girls like to see soft programmes. The verbal fight always turns into physical fight here.

2. Sitting On The Front Seat

“Shotgun” word doesn’t applies here. The one who said it isn’t the one sitting on the front seat, but the one who pushed other sibling back and able to grab the front seat.
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3. Closeness To One Parent

We all know that daughters are close to fathers and sons to mom, but parents treat children equally. It’s the universal problem of all children to blame parents for not taking their sides.

4. Pocket Money

Why does papa gives you more money always? Big reason for sibling fight but creates problem on parents head too.

5. When Brothers Come Home Late

Sisters always protect brothers when they come home late. But but but, dude if they utter a word after that brothers are gone.

6. I Won’t Give You My Clothes

If you like you sister’s or brother’s closet, and they always buy stylish clothes and you always want to pick from their wardrobe, they won’t ever let you. Fight again!

7. You Are An Adopted Child

The pet dialouge every elder sibling uses on the younger one. Then what we hear is “loud cries and shouts”. Teasing each other is really normal between siblings but it’s really difficult for parents to handle the situations.

8. Taking Revenge From Last Fight

“You did this to me last night, now you are gone”, the fight goes on and never ends.
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