8 Reasons Why Inter-caste Marriages Are Fun!

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It’s 2018, and intercaste marriages are still a taboo in India. Some orthodox Indians still don’t realize that, it’s about how good is the person one’s going to marry, and not about which religion/part of the state they come from. In most of the cases, intercaste marriages are love marriages; There are a very few cases in which the intercaste marriage is traditionally arranged. But, it doesn’t matter if the marriage is love or arranged, intercaste marriages are definitely fun. You get to experience the best of both worlds. These reasons make it different, and more fun..

1. Festivals

Festivals are not limited to your own religion. You can celebrate both Diwali and Pongal.

2. Languages

If your marriage is intercaste, then you can learn a different language from your other half. Even if not the whole language, at least the basic words. And it’s always good to learn.

3. All against the odds

When you marry someone from another caste in a country like India, people can make a big deal out of it; And if you still marry the one you love, then your love is definitely unique & strong; And seeing the other side, your views don’t stay biased anymore, you’re open minded and you’ve learned to accept things gracefully.
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4. Food

Yes. From Idli to Butter Chicken, you get to eat different types of food on a regular basis.

5. Fashion

Intercaste marriages makes you rock so many looks.

6. Two Marriages

Well, not literally! But you get to marry in 2 different ways.
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7. Customs

You get to explore so many different customs.

8. Interesting story

When you have kids, you can narrate them your love story, and it would be better than anybody else’s story.


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