9 Things To Be Sure About Before Saying Yes To Him!

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Getting married is very different from getting into a relationship. Marriage vows are accompanied with responsibilities, expectations and duties. Before you say to getting married to him, these are the things you really need to be sure about!

1. Are you ready?

Marriage is a very serious relationship which comes with responsibilities, expectations and duties. You need to be sure if you are in the phase of your life where you want to be in a demanding relationship, which is supposed to take much of your time and efforts.

2. Is he the one?

Marriage means spending the rest of your life with that one person. Before saying yes, you need to be sure about whether he is the one you want to spend all my life with. Be sure there is no one else.

3. Do you love him the way he is?

If there is anything you don’t like him, just remember, he may always stay like that. Do not marry him in the hope that he will change after marriage or later. Make sure you’re ready to accept him and love him, the way he is.
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4. What is his financial condition?

Know what he pulls down in salary and what have been his savings. Make sure he also knows what your dreams and expectations are. Financial matters, sometimes, become the cause of some of the serious problems after marriage. And you surely don’t want that!

5. Do you want to work after marriage?

In case you want to work after your marriage, make sure he is going to be okay with it. Talk it out with him, so that there are no problems later.

6. Are you aware of his temperament?

A man’s temperament is very important. If he can’t control his anger then one person would suffer severely from it, and that is you. Don’t get married to a man that would turn you to his punching bag.

7. Are you two compatible?

The issue of compatibility shouldn’t be taken for granted; when couples are compatible, their marriage is bliss and a joy to watch but when compatibility is lacking in that marriage, it turns to a cat and dog affair.

8. Does he care about your interests?

Every individual has a different personality. Their interests and hobbies are different. It is not necessary for you both to have common interests. But what is necessary is that you two should respect each others dreams and interests.

9. Is marrying this person in line with your lifelong goals?

Ask yourself if marriage at this time with this person is really part of the vision you have for your life’s plan. Are you willing to compromise your own dreams because you love this person so much that you can’t imagine being without each other, and are therefore willing to forge new goals together? Or will you resent your partner for keeping you from pursuing what you think you want out of life?


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