An Honest Review of eHarmony: Why Online Dating is the New Norm!

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Putting yourself out there in the dating world can be both frightening and exhilarating. You might end up finding the love of your life, or you’ll be rejected and disappointed. For many of us, who don’t have the courage to walk up to a potential partner on the streets, we’ve turned to online dating for assistance. 

Online dating has become a norm and almost every single you come across have a profile on one or two dating apps. Sites like eHarmony have introduced many couples to each other. Although many meet ups haven’t been successful, there were many couples who testified that they met the love of their life. You can learn more on Breakup Shop’s review on eHarmony about the service. 

Why has online dating taken over the world? And why has it become the norm to meet people through an app? We’ve come to the following conclusions:



Ever noticed a hottie across the room? Walking up to them seems like an impossible task. What if they reject you or laugh at your pathetic attempt to interact? These fears have debilitated many of us to approach new people, especially those we find attractive. 

Talking to someone through a screen gives singles a sense of security. Before a text is sent, singles can think about what they are saying ensuring that they make a great first impression. This eliminates the foot-in-mouth effect. 

Instead of learning how to communicate in person, blogs and coaches from all over the globe are teaching singles how to date online. Here are a few tips you can follow from the talk show queen, Oprah, herself.



Especially for singles who live in small villages or remote areas, online dating has open up a new world of possibilities. It has become easier to find a love interest in another country than ever before. When choices are bleak, then singles can virtually jump to different countries for bigger and better fish. 

This has also opened up a new scary world, that you should be aware of. Many online predators will take on fake personas online, where they lure in men and women for their benefit. Either to get money out of them or play sick games with their emotions. 

To avoid things like this happening, online dating websites are becoming aware and are following strict security rules and regulations. Read this to learn more about the dangers of online dating and why you should always be cautious and stay vigilant. 



We are living in a new world where technology has completely taken over. How many times have you sat at a bar or in a restaurant noticing friend groups not interacting, but rather focused on their devices? Too many to remember, hey? Well, that is one reason why online dating has become the new norm. All communication is being done over email or through online chat rooms. Why shouldn’t dating follow suit?

By the click of a button you can download a dating app and scroll through hundreds of profiles. You can chat to multiple people at once and if you feel like it, track them down on social media and continue the digital stalking. 

Technology is a blessing and living in an ever-connected world is great. As long as you don’t abuse the use of tech, then you’ll be able to do online dating right. 




Nowadays you can find anything you want. Whether it’s a committed relationship or something casual and fun. No matter what your relationship needs, it can all be satisfied by the swipe of a picture. 

Even though there are loads of sites where singles are seriously looking for a long-term commitment, the world is a changed place now. Many singles are looking for no-strings-attached fun with different kind of people. 

As the world is more accepting of both men and women living out their sexual fantasies, so are dating sites. Whether you want another person to join you and your partner for a steamy night, or looking for someone who is just as kinky as you. Apps like Tinder and Bumble were created with the main aim of encouraging people to find someone for a quick one-night stand. 

The focus is not on personality for these apps, but rather the physical appearance. With location statuses being abled, you can even track down someone in your close vicinity when you have an itch that needs to be scratched. 



Photos are taking over our worlds. Taking the best possible pic of yourself, editing it for hours, and then posting it online is how many singles make a life. Online dating has become a place where you can flaunt the body you’ve been working on so hard, or show your gorgeously enhanced features. 

Many singles thrive on attention, likes, and follows. Getting it from the opposite sex is an even greater feeling. 

Profiles are everything. If you don’t look good in your photos be sure you won’t find anyone interested. Here are some key tips on making your online dating profile stand out above the rest. 



Despite the hookup-only side of online dating, almost everyone is deep down craving for a deep and honest connection with someone special. When you worked through a bad breakup or divorce and you are in search of someone new, then online dating can definitely be for you. 

If you’ve read breakupshop’s review on eHarmony, you’ll know that there are millions of members within the United States that are looking for long term commitment. Not just considering finding love, but actively busy searching for the woman or man of their dreams. 

There are millions of success stories of people falling in love on their first date. It is possible that you’ll attract your soulmate even through the internet. Online romance is becoming the norm and everyone should give it a try, at least once.  


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