What Do You Fall In Love With, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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We all have some soft spots in our heart for a few things in life or people. There are a few traits that make us attracted towards a person. In the same way, we all have a list of things we want in our partner too.

Well, here are a few things that each zodiac wants in their partner. These are what makes them fall in love!

1. Aries:

They fall in love with qualities like selflessness, working good in teams and sharing things. If you have dark features, they will most probably fall for you!

2. Taurus:

They prefer familiarity, tenderness, and loyalty. Share lot of relaxing and intimate memories with them and they will definitely fall for you.

3. Gemini:

These people observe very minutely and fall for the small details like you clumsy grin, high fives, sigh, etc. They love mystery so be mysterious around them and they are yours.

4. Cancer:

They cannot compromise with their comfort, so make them feel comfortable around you. They like people with golden heart and snarky humor. Also, they love color blue, so wear it more.

5. Leo:

Well, they are quite unusual, they like messy hair but also confidence. They fall for your clumsiness, cute laughs and gentle physical contact will melt their hearts.

6. Virgo:

They fall for people in suits and ties. They like you being aesthetically pretty and neat. they usually fall with time!

7. Libra:

They like playful nature and caring words. They prefer people who share and keep secrets so make sure you do not disclose any of their secrets if you want them to love you.

8. Scorpio:

They like winks and funny jokes. Have meaningful conversations with them, they would love that. They easily fall for people with bright, shining eyes!

9. Sagittarius:

They love freedom, having late night chats and good style. If they find you smile cute and you have luscious lips, they will definitely fall for you!

10. Capricorn:

They love everything cute and sweet. They would most likely fall for passionate, hard working and kind people. If you have good hair, you are on the top of their list!

11. Aquarius:

They like people with a super good sense of humor. Try to have a mind connection with them to make them fall for you.

12. Pieces:

They love affection, coziness, and some heated sarcasm. If you have some funny stories up your sleeves, then you probably have more chances of them falling for you. Try to share inside jokes with them to bring them closer.


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