Being Whimsical- Is It Really Appreciated?

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We all are a little crazy, sometimes. And sometimes I wonder that how much of the whimsicalness is really appreciated in people. Of course this question must have been discussed a zillion times- different people, different opinions, and different conclusions. The assertive ones would wear their weirdness on their sleeves as this is a sign of their individuality. The typically balanced ones would keep a part of their craziness alive in them because of course excess of everything is bad. But do you ever give thought to this matter of finding a valid sanction of whoever you are. Some would definitely contradict me at this point because we must know who we are, be proud of what we are, and we must believe that all that is a part of us is necessarily and perfectly fine. And still we ragingly debate about what should be appreciated in a person. Isn’t that ironical in itself?

When it comes to relationships, I think you all would agree, having a certain amount of self-sureness is always a little less hazardous than being volatile.

Fractured Fairy Tales!

A few of the hopeless romantics may actually seem to have ended up in few fairy tales, but rarely ‘dreaminess’ is the quality that can hold a relationship together. At a moment your partner enjoys the spontaneity and abruptness of your thoughts, actions and at the same time that could be the actual reason for that person to not stay. Because you are so unpredictable, your partner could be tired of the indecision that is cultivated around you.

Now as I noted before everyone is a little crazy, in their own little, different ways. Also fairy tales are imaginary. People are supposed to be imperfect and human. Being whimsical mayn’t be your gluing element, but it is certainly the attractive one. Why does it even matter once you charmed (or scandalized  your way into hearts. The relationships will grow out; the individualistic view is not really far off the mark.

However unrealistic but as the fairy tales say, there would be someone who would overcome this predicament. The wrong ones shouldn’t be disheartening your sickly whimsical heart. Never.


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