Building Emotional Resilience.

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Nowadays people are tied down by tight schedules full of responsibilities, just to make ends meet. As a result, stress from work and family has become part and parcel of everyone’s daily hassle. Stressful situations are always tricky to deal with, and even at times, some people buckle when faced with too much.

What is Emotional Resilience?

Emotional resilience can be defined as your ability to acclimatize to stressful conditions. As earlier discussed, more resilient people are capable of flowing with the rough tide and get used to the challenges within. What’s more, psychology shows that people who can take care of small problems can also handle more difficult tests easily.

According to psychologists, emotional resilience is to some extent inborn. However, it is also affected by other factors such as gender, age, and upbringing. On the other hand, resilience, both emotional and physical, can be developed.

Well, if you are looking to up your emotional resilience levels, here are some pro tips.

Tackle Your Fears Head On

Science has proven that the only way to deal with fear is by tackling it head-on. Running away from your fears will only make you more scared. However, once you address those issues, they become less frightening. Additionally, other than courage, you’ll also build your self-esteem.

A piece of advice, the best strategy when facing you fear is to be optimistic.

Stress from Relationships

If you’re dealing with a breakup from a romantic relationship, be sure to visit where you’ll get a chance to meditate on the pain with compassion. You’ll also get to meet potential love interests that will help you move on.

Be Positive Minded

Having hope for the best even when faced with trials and tribulations is always a good step towards being truly resilient. And don’t get it wrong, this doesn’t mean you overlook the negative things that are taking place. A simple yet effective approach is to pay attention to the negatives that you can change rather than those that are beyond you, for which you can cut your losses and move on.

Practice Acceptance

Accepting that there are situations you can do nothing about is always crucial towards being resilient. Spirited people understand that stress is a part of life. However, rather than turning a blind eye towards such situations, emotionally resilient people accept them, learn from them and hope for the best.

Maintain Good Company Around You

Birds of a feather flock together, and that’s also the same for people with high emotional resilience.  Hanging around resilient people, whether for fun or emotional support, gives you a platform to seek counsel during the hard times and work through your emotions.

They will listen to your woes, offer you encouragement and chip in to help where possible to get you through the murky waters.

Do Physical Exercises

Working out triggers the release of chemicals responsible for happy moods. Additionally, statistics show that a considerable percentage of people believe that working out has helped them get through tricky situations.



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