Enhancing Communication in a Relationship

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Why is communication important?

For a romantic relationship to work, both parties need to have a constantly open communication channel. Through it ideas, problems and dreams can be voiced non-judgmentally.

How to enhance communication

Relationships do not work, unless the people involved make the effort. So, if there is communication lack, do not blame the other person, stand up, take the (your part of) blame and actually do something about it:

  • Truly be part of each other’s lives

Healthy relationships are not those in which people do not fight, but those in which people effectively resolve their conflicts. In effect, absence of fighting often means confrontation avoidance, or lack of interest in saving a relationship.

couple from the back

only communication will get you there

Thus, do not hesitate voicing whatever makes you anxious or for that matter, joyful. Sharing can only make things better, since another person’s perspective might bring on the table information you could not possibly imagine.

Regarding you and your partner as one single entity, will improve communication and help prevent and solve problems whenever these arise.

  • Be clear about each others’ expectations

In longer standing relationships, people make do with the current situation, without much conscious effort in making their relationship progress. No regular and meaningful communication means misunderstandings and disappointment will regularly occur. And all thanks to having erroneous expectations from each other.

However, this can easily be resolved simply be being honest and realistic about each other’s responsibilities, weaknesses and strengths, expectations and common plans. Note that this is not a one-time-conversation; it requires mindful, sincere and regular effort from both parties.

  • Take nothing for granted

Be inquisitive. People change, so to expect the other person to be the exact person they were four years ago, is a recipe for disaster. Do not assume anything about who they are and what they do, constantly seek confirmation and ask, ask a lot. This will keep communication open and productive.

Finally, be qualitatively involved in their lives; in what they want, fear and hope for. Most importantly, never stop listening; this surely can save you from a lot of trouble and sorrows.


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