Friendship Resolutions You Can Actually Make in 2024

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Ups and downs are healthy in a relation, and we should know when to mend or end the relationship. So here are some few do’s to consider in 2016, when it comes to your friends.

1. Spare some time for people who are close to you

We all are busy with our schedules, but taking out some free time for close friends should be one of your priorities. So just review your to-do list again!

2. Remembering golden moments

Whenever you remember any funny instance or experience that you shared with your friends, give them a call or send just a text and share your laugh. You both will rejoice it together.

3. Do something crazy together

You’re too tired to think about all the old school and college memories? Make some new ones, absolutely crazy, embarrassing and funny memories.


4. Forget and let go

Holding a grudge will only make you lose your own mind. You should let it go and start it again.

5. Be available

You might be at two different countries or cities. But you should always be available for each other whenever the other needs you. Maybe Skype, face time, calls or anything. Just be there for them.


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