Some Really Quirky Ideas That Would Make A Perfect Gift For Your Friend

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We have the most amazing and crazy memories with our friends. Some memories bring a smile on our lips while some bring us down to tears. They are a big and inseparable part of our life. So when it comes to giving a gift to our friends, we really need to make it something meaningful yet quirky.

Here are a few really great gift items for your friends that will surely bring a wide toothed smile on both of your faces.

1. For that Friend who is going to be very successful and famous:

Tu Jaanta Visiting Card Holder
Tu Jaanta Visiting Card Holder Phantom Films Merchandise Happily Unmarried Happily Unmarried
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A very cute card holder with the movie title, ‘tu janta nahi main kaun hoon’! This will surely crack him up!

2. For that friend who has big dreams:

Exit Box
Exit Box UFO Miscellaneous Products Happily Unmarried
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A paper weight to remind him/her of their dreams and a mug to do the same while working.

3. For the friend who is never at one place:

Aawara Hoon Luggage Tag
Aawara Hoon Luggage Tag Happily Unmarried
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Help him/her locate his/her luggage easily with this unique and quirky tag.

4. For a group of Drunkard friends:

GOW Whiskey Glass
Buy whiskey glasses of wasseypur online on Happily Unmarried
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Your group is in need of these whiskey glasses

5. For frinds who get their shots together:

Feni Tequila Shot Glass
Buy Funny Desi Shot Glasses Happily Unmarried
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Drink and dance your worries away with your friend on ‘Tequila ki jawaani’.

6. For Friends with whom you have always had that evening chai:

Chai Glass
Buy Funny Chai Coffee Mug Happily Unmarried Happily Unmarried
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A cute set of colourful chai glasses to give you the feels of having chai on the roadside.

These are some really amazing gift items for your friends. Hope you find them cool!


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