How To Walk Away To Make Him Miss You!

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Is it seen as losing a connection, being too picky, or simply playing hard to get, either way, the main objective is wanting to look after yourself and your heart while still maintaining a relationship, however, this is easier said than done.

Often movies portray an image or the idea of one where the man has to woo and serenade the love of his life weekly if not more to keep her interested, the woman then bashfully smiles and brings out the cherry pie she has baked for dessert now that the home-cooked meal is done. 

Being a home wife is something some people strive for and achieve, others prefer the interaction of the office, and if you are the former then keeping your man interested while he is out working can be fun. It may be sending him text messages throughout the day to remind him you love him, sending a sneaky picture of what the evening entails, or a humble prayer that his day goes smoothly. There is something for everyone, see here for some ideas to keep the fire lit till the door opens at 6-pm and hubby walks in.

On the other hand, the reality for some people is far different. Most views are obscured or influenced by social media, gossip magazines claiming that the way you are going about keeping your man is incorrect, and it can be tough trying to keep up with what is or isn’t appropriate.



It is true how the old saying goes, ‘you always want what you can’t have,’ and why is that? Men seem to give it their all when it comes to getting the girl and then once she gives in, the spark seems to dwindle. Perhaps it’s the thrill of the chase, the anticipation of the answers to the questions being asked, and even more so the re-evaluation of the rejection, which only makes them pursue them even more. 

So for women does this mean that we now need to distance ourselves for all eternity that our men should forever be chasing us? While I am all for playing a little hardball there has to be an easier way? If you can get him to commit by pulling away then fair play to you, but if completely distancing yourself is not for you there are small actions you can take to essentially keep his eye on the prize. 


To commit or not to commit.

There are myths and theories on every subject and relationships are one of the most common debates amongst both sexes, what works and what doesn’t. Let’s take a look at a few tried and tested methods that women have claimed worked.

  • 1st time. Don’t just jump right in when they ask to take you to dinner, reject them the first time. Men often think women wait in angst to be wined and dined, and for some instances, this is true, but not immediately upon meeting someone.
  • Physical. This is high on the priority list of men (and women) if not the most important factor and making them wait for physical intimacy can drive them wild. Their skin will be on fire, they won’t be able to think straight, and when the time comes where he is begging to be close to you, you will have him right where you wanted him all along. 

We may not even realize how much men ‘need’ to have physical contact in some way or the other, read this article on the topic for a deeper look and understanding into how men think and perceive touch.


  • Independent. Show them that you are perfectly capable of looking after yourself, that you can enjoy your single status as much as being in a couple, and no financial flag is going to make you submit at their will. Don’t put their needs over your own.



Thinking out loud.

At the end of the day we are born alone and could essentially end up dying alone, but the main course can be what you make it, you have total control over your life, who you bring into it and if they are worth it will make the effort.


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