Never Compromise With These Things In A Relationship!

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No matter how much you are in love with your guy or how long you’ve tried to save the bond that you both share, here are some things that you are not supposed to take from them at all. Remember your value, that’s how others will.

1. Lying


We all have a habit of lying, and we all have lied our friends and family sometime in life. Lying is bad for any relationship. Yes sometimes lies save a lot of relationships, but if its their habit and they never speak truth even for small things, you should really shouldn’t pursue them further.

2. Cheating

Listen carefully, cheating does not happen if they are really in love with you. So get the heck out of that relationship, if ever in life this happens.

3. Emotional abuse

emotional abuse
Emotional abuse is not normal in any relationship. And just because he says sorry after wards and tells you how much he loves you and is sorry for what he did and again repeats the same thing over and over again, you are NOT supposed to take this shit.

4. Being treated like a maid

You have an identity and you are valuable, and they will only be able to realize this when you realize it for yourself. You are not with them just to cook for them or sleep with them. You are much more than that and if someone is not able to recognize this simple thing, guess what, he’s not worth it.

5. Bad sex

bad sex
Talk, communicate, tell them your needs and desires. How else will they get to know that you’re not enjoying?

6. Escaping serious conversations

If that happens it’s only because they don’t take you seriously in life. Kick him out girl! Like seriously!!!

7. Not supporting your ambitions

So they want a girl who would just stay at home and take care of his kids? Let him fuck off!

8. Rudeness towards your friends and family

Bad behavior towards your friends and family is not at all excusable and they can’t understand maybe you need to consider the relationship again.

9. Unreasonable anger

Fights are a part of a healthy relationship, but if the guy you are with gets very aggressive and petty issues, it’s not safe for you and your relationship. It’s better to put it off right now than being in stress for the rest of you life.


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