15 Sensual Lines That will Definitely Make Your Man Smile!

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There are many occasions in which you see your boyfriend moving around with a sullen face and all you want to see is a smile on his face. You are upset at seeing him sad and would do anything to make him happy. You do not need to think very hard as you could make him smile by doing something that takes a few seconds. Here are few lines that will definitely make your man smile:

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1. Your smile makes me go wild.
2. I think of you when you are around me and think about you, even more, when you are away.
3. Kiss me or I won’t talk to you.
4. I want you to hold my hands and keep holding them forever.
5. Hold me so tight that even air cannot pass between us.
6. There is nobody in this world whom I love as I love you.
7. You are my most favorite person in the whole wide world.
8. I want to have you all for myself.
9. I cannot go through a single day without meeting you.
10. I love the way you look at me.
11. Hold my hands and walk with me.
12. I need you more than I need the air to live.
13. I want my day to start with you and end with you.
14. I get attracted to you more with time.
15. I want to touch your soul and be a part of it.

These lines should make him forget his worries and feel romantic. You should never let your partner stay upset for a long time.


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