Respect and Admiration: The way to romance?

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We mistakenly believe that the key to a long-lasting, passionate relationship is love. Could we be more wrong?

Love is essential, it is the foundation upon any relationship is being constructed, however, love is the product of respect and admiration, two vital concepts, not usually thought of, in love discussions and ponderings.

Did you ever thought what makes you love your partner, or what draw you to them, in the first place? Or what fuels your romance after all those years?

It might be labeled as an undefined appeal, a mysterious pull, but most of the time what you cannot find the words to describe, is a genuine respect and unfathomable admiration for the person in front of you.

Respecting and Admiring what they are and stand for


Respect is a devious little sentiment, we notice once it is already absent, yet it’s such a constitutional part of romance. Respect is what will make your partner feel cherished, loved and appreciated for whatever they are and do.

Respect is a feeling the other person will emit, from the first few times you two meet, it might be an awkward trait (looking at their palm when nervous), a personal achievement you admire in them (job position, a sport they’re good at), or a more general and ambiguous one, that makes them special, unique and respect-worthy in your eyes ( and no matter how hard you try, others just don’t seem to share your views!)

Respect is actually about unreservedly accepting who the other person is and most importantly, finding everything they do  inspiring (unless they are psychotic, you don’t want that kind of a role model).

In deeper analysis, respecting your other half will not only safeguard other feelings you have for them (caring, love, sexual attraction, admiration), but it will also remind you of what you found appealing in them for  those times that you are less faithful in what you two share. Think of respect as a romance booster and a romance shield.


Admiration complements respect, as it is another powerful passion and love invigorator. Whilst admiration might at first glance strike you as something you give, it is actually very self- rewarding.

To admire is to be impressed and inspired.Admiration is a two-tailed  emotion, energizing your lover’s confidence and attraction towards you, whilst simultaneously functioning as your own resource of inspiration to become a better individual, whilst at the same time,  it supercharges your lover’s desirability as well.

Respecting and admiring your partner is what drew you to them and what keeps you charmed. Ensuring they are always alight, you romantic relationship will remain robust and avidly passionate.


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