Totally Unfair Double Standards Placed On Women Everyday! In Illustrations

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There is nothing new in this if we say that women face these double standard situations everyday and at every walk of their lives. If we go out with friends, they say we are too loose and if we don’t go out they say we are rigid. If we dress up in traditional clothes, we are not modern and if we go for western ones, we are too modern and slutty!
Illustrator Daisy Bernard very aptly shows in her series of illustrations just how women face these double standards in all aspects of her life.

“All the things I drew are something that have either happened to me personally or to people I know well,”

she explained.

“They’re not particularly unusual or shocking. They’re things we’re often guilty of accepting and breezing over. But that’s precisely the reason why we need to call them out. It’s not fine, and it shouldn’t be normal.”

Scroll down to look for them:

1. Appearance

Everybody has their own comment about your appearance, either you look too girly or you are one of the boys. If you go for wax, you are too high maintenance and if not, they prefer girls well maintained!

2. Relationship

If we show our emotions, we are on our periods and if we don’t, Well We are ‘simply cold’. We are either psycho or a pushover and they are fucking perfect!

3. Sex

Do we want sex? Or we don’t? They get to decide it! If we look approachable on first date we are tagged sluts! And if not then we are playing too hard to get. Wearing shorts means we are putting ourself out there for men and we should cover up!
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4. Work

When we go to work before marriage, we don’t get enough responsibilities. Why? Because we will just get married and have kids in sometime or we are too difficult! Either we are too professional or we have climbed our way to the top! It is all for them to decide.
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