Signs That Prove That You’re Too Good For Them!

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People date the wrong people all the time. In fact, before you finally find the one you’ll probably settle down with, you will definitely date someone not just bad for you, but not good enough for you, too. But what are the signs you’re too good for him or her? Well read on!

1. A relationship with 80% your effort and that 20% theirs

Wether you just go into a new relationship or you’ve been together since a long time, the relationship should always be 50/50 in terms of efforts and initiatives. If you think you are doing all the effort to keep it moving, you probably need to consider again.

2. You are the grown-up in a relationship

dont like adult
Well,the relationships are supposed to be full of every type of emotions- equal love, craziness and seriousness. But if you think that when it comes to all the important issues, you’re the one taking the lead and you bette half always escapes, it isn’t really a good sign.

3. They don’t support your goals

You are to special to be with someone, who doesn’t motivate you to be your best version in life and to make all your dreams come true. And if that’s the kind of guy you are with LEAVE NOW!

4. They don’t have any goals in life

Someone isn’t good enough for you is if they don’t have any ambition of their own. You can’t have someone hanging around with you doing no good in life, you have a long way to, achieve all the success in life and send them on their own way.

5. They are constantly making you feel inferior to them

According to studies, it take a lot and one has to go out of their way to make someone feel awful about themselves because of their own insecurities. And since this is the case and they’re trying to put you off, that actually means you’re way smarter than them and they can’t really handle this. Let go bro!

6. They don’t even know how to spell HONEST

Well if they lie to you on almost all the things and you have trust issues with them, the relationship is as good as nothing- end of the story.

7. They are not proud to show you off to the world

Anyone who dates you should be jumping about how lucky they’re to have you in their life. And they are embarrassed about this, well excuse me, you know what you gotta do!!

8. You’re Constantly Defending Them To Your Friends And Family

not listening
If your friends and family have been complaining about the person you’re dating and you’re constantly giving explanations, maybe it’s time to hear what they are saying. They aren’t gonna gain anything out of this honey! Use you brains.

9. You Can’t Remember The Last Time You Had An Orgasm With Them

Someone who doesn’t want to listen about your desires and needs isn’t called a good partner. Sex is a give and take that requires communication and lots of listening, so if you’re not getting that and you don’t remember the last time you had an orgasm with them, despite all the ones you’ve given them, then you’re just too good for them.


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