Signs That You’re Wasting Your Time On Him!

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If you have just started talking to a guy or have been in touch with one since quite a while now. And you’re confused about, whether or not to take the next step. You’re tired of the mixed signals. Too tired of playing the puzzle and solving the riddles. And you just don’t know whats happening. Maybe it’s time that you see these signs and decide what your next step should be.

1. You guys don’t meet often

don't meet often
The biggest sign that you’re wasting your time on him is if you have not even been asked out on a date yet. If you’ve been talking for a while now and maybe you have mutual friends, and he goes out with his friends and is active socially, it should be a red flag that he is just not serious.

2. You don’t feel wanted by him

If he shows non interest to everything you speak or do. And simply brushes off your actions and reactions by a simple smile, maybe it’s time to think again.

3. You aren’t comfortable in front of him

If you are continuously concious around him, and never get those ‘good vibes’ and he does nothing to change this (cuz when a person is uncomfortable, it’s pretty much visible), girl maybe your choice ain’t right and you gotta ove on.

4. He’s still a mystery to you

You have known him for a quite longer period now, yet he still isn’t oopen about most of the things in his life. You hardly are aware of the things happening in his life. You have no clue about who his friends are, what is his lifestyle like or anything about him. That’s probably because he’s not interested to tell you anything about him.

5. You don’t feel like a priority

You are the one messaging first, you’re the one calling and initiating plans. There is no effort from the oppisite side. Honey! it’s time so say buh-bye!!

6. The difference in behaviors

act diff
You always feel like he’s different when he’s talking to you or with you alone and a completely different person to you when he’s accompanied by his friends. If it’s more of negative in front of his friends. You should think again before taking it forward.


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