Signs Your Friend is Toxic

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Some friendships have short shelf life

It’s hard to acknowledge a friend’s toxic. You believe that since you’ve been together since forever they will always be the same supporting, fun girlfriend. But then things might not be as they seem. There are tell-tale signs that warn you to run away from such frenemies. The faster you do the better.

The fun’s gone

Is she chronically sad, depressed for no apparent reason? Does she suck the life out of your every hangout? Do you feel relieved when your plans are cancelled?Perhaps it’s time to reconsider her friendship.  Not being eager to see your friend is a crucial sign.

She hurts you to feel better about herself

Women often use this strategy to feel better about themselves; they will downplay your achievements, make jokes about your insecurities and overall look for ways they can feel superior by making a fool of you. If she persist and she os taking great pleasure in it, its perhaps time to end it.

The contact-you-when-I-need-you-friend

If she considers you as the go-to-person for advice and support and only remembers you when she’s hurt, betrayed or down, she’s not a real friend. A real friend shares both their joy and sadness. There’s no firm basis for a friendship when its grounded on interest.


Jealousy might take up different guises but it is also manifested and felt. She will envy and want what she cannot have but you do. Beware, she will often downplay your accomplishments and demolish all your efforts and hard work. If she’s jealous of your relationship she will more likely try and sabotage it by saying negative things about your lover.

If you’re certain you have a toxic friend, ditch them as soon as humanly possible. Especially if you tried before saving your friendship but it didn’t work, now it’s time to move on and surround yourself with people worthy of your love.


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