10 Restrictions We Wish Parents Would Stop Imposing on Girls!

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Our parents may have come a long way than the parents that used to be a few years back, but we still have a long way to go. It’s really shameful how girls are still treated as some kind of inferior beings by their parents too, it’s appreciable that they are being educated at the same level as boys, but there are still some things we wish Parents would stop worrying about.

1. Your skirt is too short, you can’t go outside wearing these!


2. Buy shirts/kurtis with sleeves only

giphy (9)

3. You are not supposed to go to Pubs/Clubs even in the afternoon!


4. You can make Guy-Friends but can’t bring them home


5. They think of your friend as a “Spoilt girl” if they get to know about her boyfriend

giphy (6)

6. Can’t talk to boys standing outside your house ‘cuz of the sneaky neighbours


7. You are to be accompanied by your brother if you go out in the evening!


8. “Beta, you can study further after getting married also”

giphy (7)

9. You are not allowed to go on an “all-friends-trip” unless and until an adult is accompanying you


10. NO sleepover at your friend’s house, as if their house is filled with rats!



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