10 Gifts For Your Husband That Won’t Cost You At All

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It is not always a husband’s duty to give surprises to his wife. They too love to get some surprises here and there. Buying a fancy dinner or a nice shirt is something they would like but not something that they would appreciate that much. What they would love is small surprises from you that make them feel loved. Yes, ladies! Do not be surprised at this, after all, men are little boys inside!

SO what can you do for them that would really matter?
Here are a few things that would be a wonderful surprise for them. They might be cheesy but are worth it!

1. Short video

Make a few seconds short video of him doing silly things, edit it in some funny way or with cute doodles and send it to him. Send him a video of 2-3 seconds every day and he will keep looking forward to it.

2. Take interest in his hobby

Try to learn what he does and surprise him with what you have learned about it. If he is a big fan of cricket and you do not have an interest in sports, take the time to learn its terms and try watching a few matches and next time when a match is on, instead of fighting with him for remote to change the channel, sit with him and enjoy the match. He would love the effort and thought you put into it.

3. Favourite meal

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This is not just a phrase, it is actually true. He would appreciate you making his favourite meal every once in a while. Pack his favourite meal for his lunch or surprise him with his favourite dinner, he will love it!

4. Little surprises

Little things go a long way. Keep little notes of love in his wallet so when he opens it, instantly there is a smile on his face, take a cute selfie of yours and save it as his screensaver, when he goes for a bath, keep his clothes ready for work, he would love to wear clothes of your choice.

5. YES day

Announce any day to your husband as YES day, where you will not say no to anything he asks you. For each of his request, you will have to say YES. He will love to have that control over you for a day and you will love his creative side on making you do things that he likes.

6. A guy night out

After marriage things become quite hectic, people get busy in work and are not able to give time to their friends or make time for themselves. So if you want to make your husband feel relaxed and have a stress-free night, call up his buddies and ask if they are up to a night out. Plan for a movie for him with his friends or just a night with beer and some time with friends would do.

7. Change his alarm tone to your voice

He would simply love to wake up to your voice and you will not have to get up early for that. You just have to set his alarm tone in your voice and he will get up with a smile on his face the next morning.

8. Shave him

become a barber for him, and a professional one at that. Prepare all the things in the bathroom, put on the apron and ask him to sit down for a perfect shave. trust me, that will be the best shave of his life and he will want to go to the same barber all the time.

9. Dinner with his favourite people

Invite all the favourite people of your husband and have a dinner arranged for them. he will love the company and the talk with his favourite people in the world will help him unwind. Even if the food is not great, he would love the company and then love you more after they are gone!

10. Propose him

Yes, you heard this right, propose him on your anniversary or valentines day or whichever day you like. He might have proposed you for marriage, but he would love it if you would propose him too. Do something crazy like guys do for us, give him a huge surprise with candle light dinner or surprise him with something inside his cake, be as cheesy as you can and trust me, he will tell that story proudly to everyone, forever!

Share your ways of surprising your husband with little things and also your views on these…


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