Super Unpredictable Praises Every Girl Wants To Hear From A Guy! Reality Check!

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Okay, so every girl out there loves being pampered and if someone showers her with praises it can just make their day or maybe life. haha! 😀 How true is that? Check here the list of few compliments that can make a girl’s day!


1. You’re an amazing FRIEND!

wife as frnd

Girls value all the friendships, and they like to hear that their guys recognize and appreciate those unbreakable bonds that she creates. So the next time your wife or girlfriend is being a friend and more than just a partner, let her know she’s doing a great job. Let her know that this attitude of her make you feel so much comfortable and secure.


2. You’re a very strong woman


Appreciating her strengths can make her a more beautiful and healthy person inside out. Because, common guys after all this releases happy hormone, Whether it’s her strong political beliefs or her tenacity in the face of hardship, let her know that she’s your backbone.


3. You are a great mother to my children


Kids are one of our most important and happy part in our lives, and moms can never hear often enough what a decent job we’re doing bringing them up. Let her know that she’s has all the traits of a great mother!


4. No one can care for me like you do.


Women are nurturers and caring creatures and they like to take care of you and everyone related to you. The nag you about taking your vitamins and cutting down on your beer consumption, but they pray only for your good. A few words about how much you appreciate it goes a long way.


5. You are beauty with brains


It’s 2017 and men are no longer afraid of smart women, right? Praise your wife’s intellect to prove it! Show her that ‘a beautiful mind’ is not just the name of a movie or a saying on an ill-fitting t-shirt you got her at the mall kiosk.


6. You are such a gifted woman!


Give her some appreciation for those special talents of hers. It can be even being a bathroom singer. The idea is to let her know that she is a box full of hidden talents and encourage her to pursue those.


7. You can make me laugh like no other girl

laugh boyy

Girls are hella funny, and it would be great if you showed how much you appreciate our sense of humor. Laughing at their jokes once in awhile would make them love you even more.


8. You make me proud all the time


Telling someone you’re proud of them is the biggest compliment of them all. If you’re telling someone you’re proud of them, mean it from a place of admiration and pride in their accomplishments, not in an arrogant way. Be proud of them for who they are and not for who you want them to be!


9. My friends find you really cool. They like you!

girl and frnd

Sure Girls don’t need their approval, but it would be nice to hear that your friends think your girl is pretty amazing.


10. You are the most beautiful girl on the whole EARTH!

alai smile

Telling a woman that she is beautiful can be the most beautiful words you will ever utter out of your mouth the whole life!


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