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One click away from love

We use the Internet to pay our bills, to do our shopping, communicate and socialize, yet somehow we find it taboo to make use of it for more intimate and deeply human needs. Finding love online feels strange, but only because we tend to believe that others will condemn such a thing.

At a deeper, more substantial level, does it really matter what others think, if you’re to find the one?

Out of about 54 million single individuals in the US, 40 million have given online dating a try. What’s keeping you back? Most importantly, is that reason sufficient for denying yourself happiness?

Matchmaker, since 1996 when it launched, it has been registering a successful progress, both in terms of growth and matchmaking.

Matchmaker unlike most other online dating services exclusively addresses mature individual that are 35 and above. That being said, Matchmaker offers singles an opportunity to meet similar-minded individuals that are after the same qualities and dreams as they.

Long-term relationship and marriage are what most Matchmaker members seek. If you sense that actual dating has exhausted all possibilities, Matchmaker is here to prove you wrong.

Matchmaker allows you to get in contact with other on-the-same-page single people, that would be virtually impossible to meet otherwise. After all, we’re not all destined to marry our high school crush.

Matchmaker works by matching your questionnaire response to other people’s responses that belong to the same geographic or demographic community.

The similarity in responses between two people, proves to be an accurate and valid way of matching individuals. At least that’s what the statistics, studies and history of matchmaking has been showing.

Matchmaker with the credibility and history it holds, is inevitably the top choice for those marriage-oriented individuals that seek substantial and meaningful relationships or life experiences.

Having such a valuable technology in our hand, it is really a shame not to take advantage of it for our own happiness. What if your happily-ever-after fairy tale is just a Matchmaker question away?


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