Bra Glossary: The Ultimate Bra Guide

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In order to have the perfect bra for your dress and your body type, you need to be thorough with all the bra types and proper terminology. Wearing a wrong bra can be disastrous for your body shape, health and also be a fashion crime. You need to buy your bra according to your body type and the dress you want to buy it for.

So instead of going for a full on dictionary mode, here are 10 bare necessities in the bra section that you must have in your wardrobe.

1. Balconette

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This is a sort of demi cut bra with an even lesser coverage with low cut and cups that are straight across chest. They are suitable to provide support and look of a fuller chest for the women with small or average size breasts. They also have a shorter under wire so the women who have a problem with pokey wires can go for this one. It provides a youthful look.

2. Bandeau

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These are the bras designed in a stripe like fashion and is made of stretchy fabric. It is clearly made for the women with a smaller chest as it provides no support whatsoever but they are kind of cute and can be worn below sheer tops for a sexy look.

3. Bralette

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These are the bras with no moulded cup or no under wires or no pads. They are again designed for women with a smaller chest. They have only one downside that they lose their elasticity easily, so must be hand washed. They are totally comfortable and a no-fuss bra that is a perfect alternative for your regular bras. Wear them under shirts or sheer tops for a sexy look.

4. Convertible

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As the name suggests, this bra is convertible into different styles. It has a detachable strap and a hook that can be transformed into different styles. An ideal bra for women who need support when wearing halter tops, strapless dresses, and other tricky silhouettes.

5. Demi

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A demi bra has wide-set straps, half-shaped cups and a horizontal bust line. The cups of the bra are low cut and straight across the chest to give a better look to the chest. The straps are wide to give more space to the collar bone and give a wide neckline. The coverage is less so it is again more suitable for women with a small chest.

6. Full cup

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This bra has full cups as the name goes. It has a wider coverage and wider straps for more comfort. It is best suitable for women with a wider chest who want more support and no spillage of boobs because we absolutely cannot afford four boobs!

7. Minimiser

This bra is designed to give a fuller coverage and minimise the appearance of bust size by an inch or two. The bra has specially elasticated cups to evenly redistribute the breast tissues to fit the cups which minimises the size in appearance. these are best suitable for women who have heavy chest and want them to appear smaller.

8. Plunge

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These bras have a low cut cups that are attached with a thin strap. They are designed to suit the tops and dresses with plunging or low cut necklines.

9. Push-up

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These have an additional padding at the bottom of the cups to create an illusion of fuller and lifted bust. The padding is of foam, gel or air for women who want to have a look of a fuller chest.

10. Sports

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A sports bra is the one which provides support to the chest while doing physical activities. It prevents damage to breast tissues during the activity and is made of a blend of cotton and some other durable fabric which has moisture wicking properties.

11. Strapless

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These are the bras with no strap on the shoulder for the tops and dresses that are strapless. They have a wider side strap and have a sewn-in silicone to provide support to the chest and keep the bra in place. This can be worn by women with small chest while the women with larger chest should consider wearing the longline strapless bra which extends up to their waist and provides more support.

12. T-shirt

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These have a thin and softly designed cups to give a proper shape to the chest under the t-shirts. They are suitable for any women who wants a proper shape under the t-shirts.


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