What A Man Really Looks For In A Relationship

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We all know what we want in the relationship but it becomes very hard for us to understand what the guy wants because they are not that vocal with their thoughts. They do not express things and feeling like we do.

So here are a few things that guys really want in a relationship.

1. Feel like our hero

Guys do not want to be a superman or spiderman, but they want to do for us, everything in their power. They want to hold us in their arms and show us the whole world. If we make them feel like they are our hero, they will treat us like their queens. They want us to make them feel like we can go them for anything we want or need.

2. Acceptance

Every man is a boy who sometimes forgets that he is a man. So they need us to accept them the way they are. If they make a mistake like forget something we said or say something silly, they want us to show that we still love them. They want our love despite all the faults they make.

3. Not left in the dark

Guys do not like it a bit if we keep them in the dark and do not tell them exactly how we feel. They can not do anything if they know only the fragments of our feelings. This doesn’t mean that you go for verbal vomit in front of them but you can express yourself freely and not create walls in your relationship due to being scared of your real feelings.

4. Blinders sex

Well, men are men! There is sex and then there is blinders sex, they want to have the kind of sex that will make them fantasize about you even when they are looking at some other girl or are alone in a shower. The kind of thing that makes them go crazy about you so that they would never want to trade in what they have for what is there in front of them.

5. Communication

They are not mind readers, so they need us to be open with them and communicate what we feel. They are not good at reading clues or reading in between words, so be clear with what you say. Without proper communication, your relationship is bound to fall. They understand that some things are not to be said but understood yet they want us to express how we feel. They think logically and not emotionally while women think emotionally so that is why it becomes hard for them to understand what we actually want.


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