Your Bedroom is not a Theater: 6 Signs of Fake Female Orgasm

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Women are able to portray the most diverse emotions and not only them. In bed, they know how to fake an orgasm: they can compress the muscles of the vagina, often and deeply breathe and look at the man with a languid look, filled with sexual satisfaction. It would seem that she experienced a vivid orgasm. However, it happens that this is just a simulation. Sure, some women are pretty straightforward and this is the main reason why slavic girlfriends are so preferred by guys.

Nevertheless, there are 6 signs that a woman really received satisfaction in sex, which can not be faked.

1. Getting an orgasm, a woman even for a moment will close her eyes, as well as during a kiss. If she bends, moans, but looks faithfully into your eyes, then an orgasm is not real. An irresistible desire to close your eyes is physiology, not a dramatic gesture. The whole human being is shaken by the raging waves of pleasure. How can one not close its eyes? Exactly, in no way. Although this statement applies more to women than to men. Feelings from orgasm in men are more… dull. By the way, we interviewed one guy and he knows how to fake an orgasm. Male orgasm. So keep an eye on our publications.
2. During orgasm, oxygen does not enter the brain for a while. In this case, the woman rhythmically contracted not only the muscles of the vagina, but also the uterus, and sometimes the pelvis. The ripple interval, as a rule, is no more than 10 seconds. It’s quite easy to notice this. Not every representative of the fair sex can simulate such rhythmic contractions of muscle tissues. Being in her, pulsation is well felt. But if you noticed only the chaotic jerking of her body – then this is a fake. Why do women fake orgasms? Because not all men know about this fact. Some of them are living their lives, convinced that they saw dozens of female orgasms…but that were just faking orgasms. Sad but true.
3. While orgasm lasts, women will not interrupt the stimulation of the erogenous zone. In addition, it is not often that the ladies interrupt the effect on the vagina or clitoris after orgasm. But this still happens when the subsequent stimulation is already becoming uncomfortable or painful. This still happens with fake orgasms. So make your own conclusions.
4. After orgasm, a woman wants calmness – lie down, speak with you or sleep. But if she got excited and did not throw out the sexual energy until the end, then after a false orgasm she will remain active. She can offer to cook you food, to inform that now she wants to go out into the fresh air. In the worst case scenario, she immediately goes to the shower. All these signs indicate that you have just watched a theatrical performance called “faking orgasms”.
5. During the peak of sexual pleasure, a woman’s face can express rather unexpected grimaces. During orgasm, she does not actually control the expression of her face. But when she looks like from the cover of an erotic magazine, know – an orgasm is not real. Of course, after a short period of time after this “discharge”, she will smile and relax, but during orgasm it is impossible to keep bliss on her face.
6. When she experiences an orgasm, the palpitations become much more frequent, and when she simulates, it practically does not change.

In most cases, women encounter difficulties in achieving orgasm, although they can get it in two ways. If she has to fake an orgasm, then such are the features of her physiology. Nevertheless, there are specialists (psychologists, sexologists and specialized doctors, if the problem is caused by a physiological disease) that will help a woman achieve real sexual pleasure. For you, as a man, it is worth remembering about their existence, to talk with your beloved and invite her to visit someone from the experts.


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