Click That Perfect Selfie For Your DP Using These 20 Simple Tips

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp- it is a task to click that perfect selfie to put up as your display picture on these social networking sites. Well, no more! Read these 20 simple tips to click that perfect shot in just one go!

1. Background light

While taking a selfie or a photo, make sure there is no light coming from behind you. Background light blinds the camera lens, as a result, it doesn’t properly see the subject and the background light takes the center-stage producing bad shots.

2. Light from the front is good

Make sure that enough light is falling on you from the front or side. Your face and body should be well-lit.

3. Natural light is the best

When taking a selfie, try to come in natural light(near an opened door or window), if possible. Natural light is better for taking photos because it highlights more colors and with more precision.

4. Clean your surroundings

Make sure that you have clean surroundings before taking that perfect shot. Clean up the view that is coming i the background because selfies or even other photos don’t look good if the main subject is surrounded by a lot of clutter.

5. Come in front of a beautiful background

For that beautiful selfie of yours, try standing in front of a pretty-looking background like a wall painting or greenery or whatever seems beautiful!

6. Background shouldn’t be distracting

Keep in mind that when someone looks at your selfie, you should be the only subject which draws most of the attention. So, the rule is that the background should be good but not distracting.

7. Watch out for photo-bombers

Photo-bombers are objects or people that can spoil your selfie and make it a laughing stock. For example, while you are busy pressing shoot button, a friend of yours playfully pops two fingers behind your head -to make you look like having horns or an electricity pole behind you may look as though it is protruding out of the shoulder!

8. Say cheese!

A smile is perhaps the most important ingredient of a good self-portrait. Try to put a smile on your face and it would be even better that your shiny teeth are also visible. Elegant teeth make smile look real and full.

9. Decide about the angle

This is one of the most crucial aspect of selfie taking process. Lucky are those whose face is photogenic no matter which angle you look at it. But for most people, a particular angle is better than another angle. Therefore, you should adjust your camera angle so that it captures the best of you.

10. Outsretched Arm

Your selfie can often be recognized as a self-taken picture because it shows your outstretched arm that held the camera. Make sure that you don’t show outstretched arm and also try to hide even the hint of it. All this is a matter of adjustment of camera and angle.

11. The angle of your head

You should bow your head low enough to bring it in line with the camera. Too high head will show what all is there inside your nostrils and too much of bowing will show your forehead far bigger than the rest of your face.

12. Try using the back camera

Whenever possible, take selfie with backside camera on your mobile device. Back cameras often have much higher resolution and therefore picture quality is always much better than what is possible with front-facing camera.

13. Focus on your face

If you are using front-facing camera to take selfie, you should tap on phone screen where your face is appearing. This helps camera to focus on your face. Sometimes, due to lack of this tiny tap, the camera gets focused on something else and your own face go out of focus and look blurred.

14. Steady your camera

If your hands are shaking, selfie may come blurred and you may have to retake several time to get a good enough shot. Try to rest your camera holding hand on something or, even better, use a tripod to fix the camera in position.

15. Use camera timer

Make use of the timer feature as it allows much flexibility to you. If you fix mobile phone against a support or on a tripod and use timer, you can click some great photos of yourself. Use of timer gives you time to take position, strike a pose, adjust with the background and can also help solving trouble of out-stretched arm and out of focus photos.

16. Shoot from above

Shooting the photo from above will emphasize your eyes and make your face and neck seem smaller. Shooting from below can make some people seem powerful, but it usually makes the chin and nose look prominent, which is not a flattering look for most people.

17. Avoid a double chin

One of the least flattering features in a photograph is a double-chin. The double-chin look can be avoided if you lengthen your neck and move your chin out away from your body slightly.

18. Look away from the camera

Try looking away from the camera for a more interesting photograph. Be sure to exaggerate looking away. If you look very slightly away from the lens, it will seem like you didn’t know where the camera was. If you look at least a foot from the camera, it will come across as a deliberate choice.

19. Avoid the duckface

The duckface—pursed lips that are slightly widened—has become a cliché and somewhat hated choice for self photos. Try another, more flattering, facial expression instead.

20. Framing

You may add some visual interest to your photograph by providing a visual frame. You can pose in a doorway, use both arms outstretched to hold the camera instead of one or stand between two things, such as trees or bushes outdoors.


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