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Do you know according to the research of Elaine Aron only about 1% of the population in the world is highly sensitive? HSPs are very rare yet very special beings. They are gifted and different in many ways. If you are one of them you can well connect with the following points.


1. You have intense feelings.


Okay, so everyone is sensitive in some or the other way. Everyone has an ability to feel but the way HSP’s can connect to someone is very rare. They have intense emotions and perspective about everything. HSPs can read through people’s faces and their eyes. They are amazing face readers, so watch out when you lie if you spot an HSP!


2. You can absorb energies.


Okay, so this particular trait of HSPs can create problems for them because they tend to feel what others are feeling and in the process, they drain themselves completely and have to shut out for days to regain their energies!


3. You have a very strong intuition


HSPs have a very strong intuition. They already know before it happens. With their strong senses and energy absorbing brain they can a have a very strong sense of what is going to happen in future. This makes them very good business personalities as well.

4. You can live without human contact for days.


Yes, HSPs generally have very reserved and mysterious personalities. They can not hang out for days or even months and still be very happy with their own selves. They are avid dreamers!


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