DIY Birthday Ideas For Your Best Friend

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We all have friends who have been there for us through our thick and thin. Friends with whom we’ve passed and survived our lows and highs of life. Such friends definitely need to know how special they’re for us and there is no better way to do it than making something special for them on their birthdays. It’s been a kind of ritual for me to make a handmade gift for my best friends on their birthdays and for me the birthday present is incomplete without a little effort of mine put into it. So I’ve gathered some of them for you to try and be the reasons for that broad smile on your friends face on their special day.

1. Making a Collage

diy birthday gift

Take all the crazy random pictures of you both and make a collage out of it. And not just the pretty ones but also those creepy, funny and stupid pictures. After all those are the only pictures that will make them smile while going down the memory lane.

2. Character Assassination Chart

diy birthday gift1

HAha!! No No, you don’t have to worry about it. Assassinating character in a funny way. All you got to do is make colorful strips-26 of them, one for each alphabet, and describe their personality with each of the alphabets, with some pictures added into it.

3. Scrapbook

diy birthday gift2

I remember how I made a scrapbook for my best friend on her 18th birthday. Gathering all the pictures, from the day they were born until now, writing a poem -a paragraph for each year; since the time we have been together, messages from all friends and family. But there’s no hard and fast rule. Be creative, make one with your own crazy ideas.

4. A wall of art

diy birthday gift3

A wall of their room full of pictures. All you have to do is get photos framed, this time not just yours, but all their special friends and family pictures. Get all the pictures framed separately (frame of one pattern- wooden frame would look beautiful). Some colored pictures, some black and white. A wall just full of photo frames. Trust me, it will look amazing!

5. A Video

Well video with all lovey dovey and nice nice things to say is too mainstream and boring. A video mentioning all their bad habits, making fun of them, giving them a reality check and all their friends describing how funny and silly they are. I mean you don’t necessarily have to share it on social network sites. Just a private yet cute birthday gift.

6. Gifts equal to their age

diy birthday gift4

Starting from the time they were a baby to their age now. One gift relevant for each year. You can also add cards to the cart.

7. Favorite Food

diy birthday gift5

How about making something they just love to eat. Red velvet cake, favorite chicken recipe or anything that they just love it to eat.


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