5 Simple Date Night Ideas For Busy Weeks

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In today’s time when both the partners are working, it becomes very crucial to go for date nights. You need to slow down and reconnect after a weekend of work and life! trying to go for proper date nights might be a bit more tedious and tends to be avoided because no one has time to plan those. But since it is important to spend time together, here are a few date ideas for which you do not need to make some elaborate plan.

1. Go out for dessert

You may not have had time to make plans for dinner or make reservations, you can always go out for dessert. Go to your favourite place, order some dessert and enjoy the company of each other. The sugar will reduce your stress level and you will enjoy the company of your love. Talk about all the lovey-dovey stuff and do not mention work!

2. Bake together

If you both are a bit into cooking, then this might be the best thing for you. You can bake cakes and cookies together. the aroma of baking simply sets the mood. In the meanwhile, you can also play with the flour a little or with the cookie dough. A little romance in the kitchen is always a great idea.

3. Go for grocery shopping

Yes, it might seem like a chore but you would be killing two birds with a single arrow. Shopping together will give you some time together, you will discuss what all you want to have for meals etc.

4. Go for a drive

You simply do not need to plan anything for this. Just pick up your keys and your partner and go for a long drive. It is always a peaceful and romantic idea for a date. You even enjoy each other’s company in silence, you can hold hands and talk about anything and everything.

5. Read a book together

For all the book lovers out there, it is one of the best ideas to take your favourite book and read together. Take turns in reading, pick up some romantic book and set the mood with candles or simply lay in bed and read.

These ideas might sound kind of lame but trust me, they would do wonders for your busy schedule and you will feel more close to your partner.


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