Eco-sexuality: Do You Know What It Is? You Might Be One!

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Fret not if you have not heard of the term before. This is a totally new concept for the mainstream society and people are still getting to know it.

Here is all you need to know about it:

It is a new form of sexuality where a person sees nature as a lover and all people have different ways of showing their love for nature! Some people literally have sex using nature, like natural condoms while some simply go to ecosexual bathhouses.

Popularity of this form of sexuality is on quite a rise. Activists, performance artists, nature lovers and everyday enthusiasts all over the world are encouraging people to practice it.

Nature is diverse enough so here it is not referred as mother or a female, it is more on the trans side.

This movements also promotes sex toys including lubes and contraception etc that are eco-friendly. basically it promotes green sex toys that are sans any harmful ingredient.

the main aim of the movement is to treat nature with love and respect. This can best be done if you treat it as a ‘partner’ otherwise the effects would be short time only!


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