Curb Your Impulse Buying

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Impulsive buying is pretty much self-explanatory, we switch into a I-got-to-have-it-even-if-its-useless mode, in which all logic, sensibility and common sense abandon us. All we are left with is an emotionally fully charged self that simply wishes to devour everything and everyone in its path!

Often we resort to impulsive buying as a way of escaping stress, or alleviating it briefly. We feel that by acquiring things our anxiety or sadness will go away. But it rarely does.

What what are some foolproof ways to avoid impulse buying then?

1.Only go shopping when you are the most happy, or less sad. Being upset or stressed is enough of a trigger to set us off into a shopping spree we will be later on be sorry for.

2. You know how your mother always strategically refused to take you shopping with her, it’s because as a child you lacked the maturity and consciousness to distinguish between your needs and wants. Don’t do this yourself. When you go shopping avoid taking with you any friends that either have money to burn or are financially naïve, in that they cannot distinguish between what they need and what they don’t.

3.Budget for everything. A money-wise person makes sure that has every possible need and scenario covered. It will greatly help you spend less on impulse buying if you have a small budget for those splurges. )You know they are inevitable, you might as well plan for them!)

How to be a smart shopper who knows how to avoid impulse buying

4.Thinking time.You’re drooling over a new make-up powder but before rushing to the register, take a moment and think about the purchase. Think in terms of usefulness, urgency, what it has your 4 other powders don’t and the like. Even take a stroll around rather than fixating on it. This will really appease your urge to buy it.

5.Avoid triggers, be  a smart shopper. You don’t need a marketing degree to figure out the tricks of the trade. By being a little more alert on how shops place certain items at certain points,  like by the register, or next to candy and so on, you will be able to not fall for them.

Try our tips see for yourself how much money you can save by harnessing your impulse buying!


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