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Yes, it is possible. Yes, it is free.

Make Internet your Best Friend

Create the much-needed awareness about your product or service through a website and a blog. Let people know what you are good at and most importantly, what can you do for them. Don’t be afraid to ask friends, family and colleagues to help you spread the word through their own blogs and websites.

You can also start using the ever-almighty social media, do not use them all, focus on the most influential ones. A twitter, a facebook and a Google + account will suffice. Utilize these media for encouraging potential customers to take part in  your competitions to win freebies, deals and discounts on your products. This will be inviting and will certainly make people notice you and your company.


This can be done as much online, as offline. Find and contact people in similar businesses to yours; ask them for advice, tips and promotional counseling. Having connections with established and successful businesses, can provide you with a substantial boost to get your company going.

This does not mean begging for free exposure, or giving away their clients to you. It could be limited to referrals, or any other agreement you can reach with a known, similar to yours, company.

free advertising for business promotion

free advertising for business promotion

A press release is a straightforward type of writing that after some practice you can master yourself. Many sources online can guide you through the process, give you dos and don’ts of news releases, even provide you with clear-cut templates.

Once you get the hang of it, start with an email you will send to family and friends. Then in another follow up message, kindly ask them to forward it to people they think it might be interesting to. If it catches on, you can establish a bimonthly newsletter send out to them and to your- by then growing- clientele.

Last but not least, many online services allow free postings and advertising for upcoming companies, so take advantage of this as well. Overall, the options are bountiful, you just need to look for them.


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