Here’s To A New Year Full Of Opportunities! Finding Your Dream Job In 2013

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Everyone wants it, a handful gets it. Why is it you ask?

Wanting your dream job hard enough is not apparently adequate. Putting your passion aside, you need proper preparation, also known as,:work for it!

Getting your dream job is not about how realistic or feasible it might be, but how hard you’re willing to work for it. If you’re hopelessly obsessed about it, chances are you’ll get it. Those who land their dream jobs have done these:

Keep your relevant social and professional network updated. They should be able to tell you’re looking for a particular job and you’re working hard towards that. A nice word for you might pull some strings.

Impress the HR guy who've seen it all!

Enrich it with new helpful connections. There’s no such thing as a sufficient network of professional contacts. Make sure you keep enriching it with valuable individuals and getting it rid of of  the useless ones.

Knowing the difference between compromise and flexibility.It’s one thing being adaptable to workplace changes and another being taken advantage of. Learn the difference to avoid becoming someone’s toy.

Stay updated with your niche and always go the extra mile. Know your game and know it best. What will make you stand out out of hundreds of other applicants is your passion and how you channel it creatively to impress your future boss.

Define clearly and honestly your goals and principles.This means both having a clear cut aim and setting the boundaries of how far you’re willing to go and compromise. This will spare you the disappointment and help you set feasible goals.

Sell yourself, and do it right. Believe in your skills and talents and make sure everyone can see them. But most importantly, be honest about your setbacks not ashamed and secretive of them. Sell your brand as adeptly as possible and doing it through the honesty and creativity medium is the best way.

Getting your dream job this year is not a matter of luck, it all comes down working hard enough!


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