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 Why you should have already switched to outsourcing

People starting a new business, or those facing an explosive upsurge in client demand, often resort to outsourcing. The rational behind outsourcing is that it’s cheaper, faster and more effective than most conventional hiring processes.

With millions of qualified professionals becoming their own boss, the freelancing trend seems to be continually on the rise. Such an example is Witmart, an online freelance services market that allows you to find contractors or sell your own services to a literally global market.

Outsourcing is the new hiring

Almost seven million providers from every corner of the world, offer their competitive services to anyone seeking first-class, professional  services.

Any creative project your business might have can easily be assigned to one of the thousands of creative contractors of Witmart. Indicatively, over the last 30 days over 33,000 projects have been published and shared on Witmart’s freelance services platform.

Hard-to-beat features:

You pay only once you receive the work and it’s approved by you. No more money wasted on low-quality work.

Distance won’t be a problem

No need to worry about hiring someone remotely, Witmart verifies its providers, offering exclusively high-quality creative professionals; web designers, translators, programmers and graphic designers.

Thousands of First-Class Professionals To Choose From

Virtually no other conventional hiring method can yield so many responses from relevant professionals. Time zones and other geographical constraints are rendered irrelevant to what constitutes a Witmart hiring process.

Using Witmart you can screen bidders to find the best, more professional one. Witmart affords you the luxury of choosing out of hundreds of first-class professionals, something regarded impossible and time-wasting if you were to follow any other conventional hiring method.

Flexibility and Variability of Hiring Terms

With Witmart you have the flexibility to choose between a contest and a contract.

A contest is best suited for light, short-term projects, whilst a contract is better for bigger, long-term projects that require increased client-contractor communication  and effort.

If you chose to publish a contest project, the providers will offer their finished product and you will then choose the one that best materialized your ideas and (then) pay for it.

For those hired under contract, you communicate with potential provider(s) till you find the one suited for you, negotiating hourly rates, deadlines and so on.

Why waste time and money hiring unsuited, under-qualified workers when you can easily access millions of freelancing experts skilled in creative professions such as design, programming, marketing and writing?

Building a first-class virtual team has never been easier. Outsource Your Project to over 6.5 million professional freelancers at a fraction of the cost Today!


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