Shopping with children a (life-saving) guide

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Shopping with kids made easy

An ideal situation would be  avoiding going grocery shopping altogether, saving you both a headache and lots of money spend on candy and all things shiny. But as most mums would agree, grocery shopping is an inevitable activity (let’s call it that) which becomes extra torturous if you have company.

So what can one do, if shopping online, or sending someone else instead, is not in your available options? The next best thing is offering your kids an enticing alternative they cannot resist; a whole afternoon at the playground, playing their favorite game, cooking them self-indulgent food, extending their bed time hour, you get the idea.

How to survive a trip to the supermarket

OK, so nothing works and you need to take them with you, do not panic. Sticking to the following tips, will make your supermarket trip, surprisingly pleasant.

Empty stomachs

Make sure you feed them (and yourself) well before the great departure. Shopping while they’re hungry will make them grouchy, sleepy and exhausted and believe me you don’t need extra carrying weight, your groceries are more than enough! If you think of it, all great hunters have hearty meals before  going hunting.

Make sure to go at a time when their energy levels are up, to avoid dragging them along with you. If they are energetic your chances of getting some help from them, substantially increases!

Set Rules

You need to pre-decide on what each kid is allowed to buy (yourself included!), this concerns both the number and quantity of food and other items. You could also agree on some sort of reward-preferably something other than food.

No this is not a bribe, it is a mum’s only chance of getting things her way (and we totally understand this). Giving them a strong incentive will give you peace of mind, so be generous on the prize!

Whilst  out there shopping..

If they own a favorite item or toy they like to carry around, let them bring it along. It will make them feel comfortable and secure in that enormous, unknown environment. You don’t want them to get all anxious, as this will cause them to misbehave (even more).

Engage them in the shopping experience. Make a game out of shopping, asking them to scavenge the aisles searching for  food, you can never go wrong with a game!

Also, don’t just keep reprimanding them on every little negative thing they do. On the contrary, encourage their impeccable behavior and promise a thing, or two if they carry on like that; prepare to be amazed by how powerful a little motivation can be!

Overall, try to instill in them a utilitarian supermarket perspective, let them realize that shopping is a necessity, providing eating supplies and not a free, untamed party of candy, toys and naughtiness.

What are your tips and tricks? Are they working?


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