4 Easy Ways to Make Money Part-Time to Spoil yourself this Vacation!

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Okay, So every morning you walk up to your closet and do not find anything to wear? And then you check your wallet, bucks which you saved out of your pocket money? But that’s not enough to satisfy your fashion sense! Sounds like you are a student in a middle of your teenage wondering how can you make good earnings to make your college life less boring and more happening? I have come up with a list of part time jobs which are not heavy on your time and will make your pocket swell.


1. Event Managment staff


Okay, so this one is really cool there are plenty of event management companies which needs staffing solutions for the events that they manage for their clients. It can be corporate events, events at Pragati Maidan, product launches, and the list goes on plus you can select which event you want to work for it can go up to 4 days to 10 days but there are many opportunities where you are required to work only for a day! Isn’t that cool? Now for money, they pay around 800-1500 per day but it is not the limit. Yay!

Best company’s where you can apply

a) Teamcore

b) crew4events


2. Youtube!

Yes, Youtube can be a huge platform for you to earn good bucks for yourself. It’s a bit long wait but its worth it. If you have a talent which you want to put out there then you can make videos and keep posting consistently! Life is too short not to try. Plenty of tutorials on how to monetize and create a channel are there. GO, check ’em out!


3. Sell at OlX


If you have any of your favorites but unused stuff lying around, just make use of OLX, the online buying and selling website and sell it there to earn extra bucks for yourself. It sounds pretty easy but if you will take it seriously you can sell your self-made creations as well! Promote your talent because why not?


4. Sell your craft!

sell your crafts

It’s pretty easy and convenient these days. There are plenty of facebook pages these days which allows you to sell your own made stuff online, it is creative plus will help you establish your own business.


Which one worked best for you? let me know in comment section below.


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