Quit Your Job with Poise

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While many people are being laid off from companies because of different possible reasons, voluntary resignations happen for different possible reasons as well. Leaving a company or a career you currently have can be dramatic, especially if you found good friends in your office and you’ve already spent several years working there. But things happen and some reasons why people resign from their current jobs are deciding to be a full-time mom, deciding to work full-time in an own business, career change, moving to a new place, being burnt out, etc. Whatever your reason for quitting is, it’s important to leave a cool mark, make sure there are no hard feelings between you and your boss or colleague, and leave a bridge between you and the company for a possible return.

to resign or not to resign

to resign or not to resign

A good resignation requires more than just a courteous resignation letter and sharing hugs on your last day in the office. Make sure that you personally inform your supervisor about your decision right away before letting it spill in the office thru hearsays. At least one month notice before the effect date of resignation will give time to your company to be prepared for the seat you’ll be vacating. If your superior asks you for a time to talk about it, be considerate to entertain him or her. Most likely, your manager will try to outtalk you to change your mind so be prepared with some powerful counter blows and be firm with your decision while staying positive. Keep a kind smile and thank your boss for his or her good company and for keeping you as part of their players.


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