This Is Why You Should Stop Cribbing About Your 9-5 Job

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In this era of social media, you’ll find ‘n‘ number of articles about why your 9-5 job suck!
These articles, videos and movies (such as Rocket Singh) are presented in a very biased way. They persuade you into believing that your job is boring, monotonous and mediocre. They tell you to quit your job because ‘you are different than the rest of the crowd’.
I’m not saying that you cannot be different than the crowd or you should not want to do something different, but one should not get influenced by these biased articles/videos. I strongly think that one should believe in their own instincts and do what they love.

In this video by Fokat Friday, Sanil Gosavi and Sanat Prabhu explains why is it okay to love your ‘boring’ job!



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