Oil From Head To Toe: A Complete Guide

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Oil is an essential ingredient in the beauty regime. One cannot imagine a beauty routine without including oil in it. Oil has multi fold benefits and it helps our body in various ways from head to toe.

Here is how you can use oil for various purposes:

1. Dental Health

Ayurvedic medicine uses the method of oil pulling since ages. It is a natural way to detox teeth and gums. If your purpose is to whiten the teeth, use coconut oil but generally sesame oil is used quite a lot for this purpose. Since mostly all the oils are edible, so there is no harm in swishing them around your mouth.

2. Hair Growth

When you are suffering from hair loss, just turn to any of the oils like castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil or jojoba oil, etc. There is a long list of oils that promote hair growth and strengthen hair follicles making them more beautiful and strong. A hot oil massage for 10 minutes can do wonders for your hair.

3. Eyebrow And Eyelash Growth

Castor oil is known to be the best oil to promote the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. It contains protein, vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants that nourish the hair follicles and promote hair growth. Plus, it is helpful in resisting any microorganisms that hamper eyebrow and eyelash hair growth. Apply a very thin layer of oil from cotton on lashes and eye brows and massage the eyebrows for 2-3 minutes. Leave it overnight and continue for a week or two to notice the difference.

4. Detox Skin

Abhyanga — the ayurvedic oil massage-is an integral part of daily routine for healthy and healed skin. Massaging daily with warm oil will help in bringing out the radiance of your skin. Make a mixture of coconut, sesame and sunflower oil for the best results.

5. Clear skin

Use of tea-tree oil is the best way to get a clear and acne free skin. It penetrates the skin and blocks the sebaceous gland and dries out the acne. If you have a sensitive skin, then dilute tea tree oil with one part of tea tree oil with 3 parts of coconut oil. Apply it over the acne and marks with cotton and leave it over night.

6. Fade Scar

Vitamin E oil is known for its magical properties for skin. It is an amazing antioxidant and hydrates the skin while removing any scar from the body. Take the oil from vitamin E capsule and gently massage it for 10 minutes on the scar, then leave it for 15-20 minutes and wash with warm water. Do this twice a day.

7. Hand And Cuticle Moisturiser

Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E and is one of the best out there to moisturise and nourish the dry skin. It helps to prevent pre mature ageing and repairs sun damage.
8. Soft Feet
You can get amazingly soft feet by using oil. Soak your feet in Luke warm water for 30 minutes and scrub with a foot file. Then massage it with peppermint and olive oil and wear socks. Do this every night to get super soft feet.


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