10 Fashion Blunders that You Immediately Need to Stop Making

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1. Wearing too tight or too loose clothes

The one misconception a lot of women have is that wearing a smaller size will make them look slimmer. On the contrary, it makes their body look larger by accentuating bulges and lines. A good fit glides over your body and hides bulges and lines. Also, in a bid to hide their lumps and bumps , women wear too baggy or oversized clothes. That again is a mistake because this makes you look bigger.

2. Over-accessorizing

Accessories complete your look by complementing your outfit. But the thing to be kept in mind is that excess of everything is bad. Wearing bangles with your traditional dress is a good idea but wearing a watch too is not. Either wear bangles on one hand and watch on the other or don’t wear the watch at all. Bangles AND watch don’t go together.
Flaunting too many hair accessories may also not be a very good idea. If you think sporting too many hair accessories will give you a fabulous hairdo, then you are wrong.

3. Sporting heavy make-up

heavy make up
Using excessive make-up to highlight all your facial features can result in a disaster. While putting on make-up try focusing on one feature. If you want prominent eyes, then avoid using dark lip colors. If you want alluring lips, use lighter eye make-up.

4. Using obvious lip liner

Wearing a lip liner that doesn’t sync with your lipstick is one of the gravest fashion mistakes. A wrong combination of lip liner and lip color can totally destroy the look. While choosing the shade of your lip liner, make sure that it is one shade darker than your lipstick.

5. Socks with Sandals! A BIG NO!

socks with sandals
Never wear socks with sandals or anything, except shoes. Socks are meant to be worn with shoes and wearing them with anything else makes you look tacky. It’s an ultimate fashion no no! Don’t ever make this mistake.

6. Matching everything from head to toe

matching clothes
It is not really a good idea to match everything from head to toe. If you are wearing something printed, the print itself is too much for the eyes.

7. Baring too much skin

Fashion Blunder
When it comes to showing skin, remember less is more. Period!

8. Badly fitted leggings

ill fitted leggings
This is the most abominable fashion crime you can ever make! In case they fit you like this, long top is the only resort.

9. Too many colors

too many colors
Wearing too many odd colors makes it a weird combination and does you more harm than good(unless you’re in a mood to play ‘tippy-tippy-tap, what color you want’?). Avoid wearing more than three colors at a time, and make sure that the third one is mute. When going for a bright look, only one piece of the outfit should be bright and keep the others subtle.

10. Fashion is comfort!

In the end, only a word of advice. Wear clothes that are comfortable. Anything that is not comfortable can NEVER be fashion! And remember, you’re unique. Never compare yourself to anyone else.


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