5 Kinds Of Grey Tees That Every Girl Should Have!

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I feel like grey tees are like floating around my DNA, it just feels natural! Don’t you agree?

5 kinds of a tee in my wardrobe that saves my day! Here’s a look:

1. Deep Neck Grey Tee

Pair it up with a gorgeous statement necklace to add a fun quotient to the look.  I’d wear this with black skinnies every day of my life if I could.


2. The Over-sized Grey Tee

Wear your worn-in tee slouchy and slightly oversized so that you can tuck it into the waist of your pants in the front. Isn’t this comfort heaven?


3. Hot Grey Tank Top

Summer is on its way, those plunging necklines with worn out blue shorts will ensure that the temperature is rising for sure!


4. Half Formal -Full Sleeves

Pair your V neck tees with all your favorite denim, throw it over a girlish dress to play it down or pair it with a pair of sleek trousers and a blazer for the ultimately chic work look. Throw on your favorite leather jacket or coat over your favorite tee and you are ready to hit the streets looking as cool as can be.


5. The Sultry Lacy Darling

Don’t play with those boring black and white lacy tops this summer, funk it up with stunning lacy grey tops with bright colored shorts and put on those neon pumps and you are good to go!



Have a different outfit in mind? Send us your pictures in grey clothing and get a chance to be featured on our website! Happy Shopping.


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