8 Clever Shopping Hacks Every Girl Should Know!

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Almost everybody enjoy shopping; and half of the girls are obsessed with it. I can’t stress enough how much LOVE majority of girls have for shopping. But then, love does not pay the bills (unless your dad is rich or you’ve got a boyfriend who pays your bills). So, take some tips from me on how to not burn a hole in your pocket. Shop right. Spend less.

1. Make a list

Yes. It helps!

2. Pay your bills before going for shopping

No money. No shopping.

3. Don’t shop when depressed

Eat chocolate instead.

4. Don’t get tempted with the word ‘SALE’

“SALE” is every girl’s favorite word. But don’t get fooled by it…SALE makes you buy more than required.

5. Set a shopping budget

And stick to it!
Stacks of coins with the word BUDGET isolated on white background

6. Use cash instead of credit/debit cards

Seeing money go from your wallet for that useless thing would stop you from spending on it.

7. Shop at flea markets

You don’t have to buy all your clothes from Zara. For daily wear, shop from local markets. You just need to have patience and good searching skills to find the perfect clothes for yourself.

8. Uninstall online shopping applications

The continuous notifications from online shopping apps would tempt you to shop, so you better uninstall them.


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