Kid-friendly Frozen Desserts For The Lazy Mum

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It’s not a crime; your do-nothingness got you so comatose that you hardly have any strength left for properly preparing meals for your kids. Yet, indifferent to your slackness, your kids audaciously ask for dessert. How dare they, right?

My apologies for disrupting your lucrative train of thought of selling them to another, presently needing them more than you do, family. There’s another less troubling way of dealing with their exhausting summer dessert needs.

As long as something is colorful and it has a fun-ny name they will fall for it.

Making ice-cream just got a whole new meaning!

Vanilla Ice Cream aka as the no-hassle delicious ice cream:

2 large eggs

I cup heavy whip cream

2 cups milk

I cup sugar

2 teaspoons vanilla

Now beat the eggs first then add the sugar and mix well. Gradually add the milk and then the heavy cream. Last, put in the vanilla. Mix well, then chill it before putting it in your ice-cream maker.

For extra fun, you can easily customize it using their favorite biscuits, food coloring, sprinkles etc. Now that was fast wasn’t it? Making larger portions is easy, why not make a month’s supply of ice-cream? That would quieten them down for a while.

Berries Popsicles aka as summer, one lick at a time!

Berries are in season in the summer, so why not take full advantage? Get your popsicles molds together and make this luscious popsicles:

1 can evaporated milk

1 cup whole milk

½ cup whipped cream

1 cup strawberries, raspberries or anything else your kids love!

Mix all the ingredients together, whisking it for one minute. This popsicles work both if your berries are mashed or not! Chill thoroughly and enjoy.

Nutella Popsicles, aka chocolate-y heaven on a stick

This is super easy and there’s a healthier version of it, if your kids love the banana-nutella combination.

Simply mix 3 cups milk and 1 cup nutella. Put them into molds and chill until frozen. You can replace the one cup milk with 2 medium bananas and reduce nutella to ¾.

Care to share any super-easy, mum’s-so-bored-to-make-dessert secrets?



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