Things To Inculcate In Your Everyday Life To Eliminate Stress

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Today everyone is living a hell lot of a stressed life. Students are stressed about studies, young adults about career and job, adults about their family and health issues and older people about their living and health again. So no one is unfamiliar with the burden of stress.

When you are stressed out, you are more prone to unhealthy living habits. These habits can start from ‘eating your feelings out’ to drinking or smoking.

Here is a list of healthy habits that you can adopt which will not only keep you away from the unhealthy ones but also keep you stress level at bay!

1. Wake up early

start your day early to avoid wasting a lot of it. When you get up early, you automatically become more productive and feel fresh all day.

2. Wear comfortable clothes

This is very important, invest in those clothes that make you feel more comfortable because comfort makes you feel more confident and you can move around more and get more stuff done if you are comfortable.

3. Avoid Substance aids

These include smoking, alcohol, etc. Until and unless you are prescribed to something, avoid consuming these things in the name of stress!

4. Make goals

Use your phone or a physical planner to set goals for everyday and try to achieve them on time. Keep a not of your deadlines and meetings too to avoid tardiness. This will give you a purpose and keep you more focused all day and you will find that at the end of the day you have gotten a lot of work done without having the time for unhealthy habits and taking stress.

5. Use the word ‘no’

This word is in the dictionary for a reason! So start using it. I am guilty of not being able to use this word often and that is why face many problems. But this should be changed, say no to the things that are not that important to you afterall we all are human and have limited time and energy to get stuff done. Piling up a lot of work on your head will make you feel overburdened which will result in stress.

6. Fix relationships

If there is any issue in your relationship that is abandoned or toxic, fix it before it strats to eat you inside out! be it with an old friend or family or a lover, fix all your toxic or abandoned relationships and you will feel a lot more free.

7. Set priorities and manage time

This is very important to manage your time well. Set your priorities and manage your time so that you get the important stuff done on time and also get time for rest and leisure.

8. Read books

Reading must be inculcated in everyone’s routine for atleast 20 minutes a day. It improves imaginative and thinking power and has loads of benefits for brain and mental health. It takes you to another world and lets you be free of all the stress and workload for the time.

9. Exercise

Well exercising is again very important, it keeps the blood circulation in check which gives energy boost and keeps you fit and fresh.

Well the list of the healthy habits can go on and on including writing a journal, taking about feelings to someone, cooking, spend time with family, etc.

So pick few from the list and start practicing them.
Do share what YOU do to avoid stress


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